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CNP Whey Protein - 900g (30 servings)

CNP's refreshed Whey Protein Powder has landed. With a clean, colourful new look and some exciting new flavours, these protein shakes offer 21g protein per serving, made from a blend of three types of whey - Concentrate, Isolate and Hydrolysate! This tri-blend ensures it's the perfect post workout shake, ensuring your muscles are getting fully-fed with recovery-boosting protein and amino acids both instantly and over a longer period of time (and it means a satisfying milkshake-like consistency, too!!)

No fuss, no frills just a trusted and tasty 'whey' of hitting your protein goals...whether it's post workout, in your oats or just for a tasty snack/drink

With flavours from Cereal Milk through to Salted Caramel there's a flavour to satisfy all our sweet-treat needs! 

CNP ticks all the boxes but it goes further than just flavour and mix-ability! It also has added digestive ingredients as well as the popular patented 'AstraGin®' designed to aid nutrient uptake promoting gut health and overall digestion.

Why CNP Pro Whey Protein Powder 900g?!

  • 21g protein per scoop
  • Awesome mix-ability
  • Added digestive aids!
  • Have you SEEN the flavours!
  • Tri-Blend Protein

How to use: Mix one level scoop (30g) with 200-400ml of cold water or milk in your shaker! Add more or less water or milk to taste!

CNP Whey Protein Powder Ingredients & Nutritional Information:

(Based on Rainbow Cookie Flavour)

Servings Per Bag: 30